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Mon, Dec 10, 2018

Opel Corsa

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OPEL Corsa
Year of issue: 2008
air conditioner A/C
gearbox Manual gearbox
person 5 Adults
car 5 Doors
suitcaseLarge 2 Large suitcases
suitcaseSmall 1 Small suitcase



Latitude: 52.6015167
Longitude: 13.473547800000006
Daniela comentou em 0
Daniela comentou em 17 de agosto de 2011 às 23:01. Oi!!! Ficou linda, Ado3&ie#82r0; mas no post, não marcaram o modelo dos cilios postiços e pode me mandar o link que fala sobre a cola que vc usa!!!bjos
2017-07-09 05:24:53
because I love my hu 0
because I love my husband so much, I am making this for him...I grew up with this mind set of no waste, and heard my father tell of dineivcrosg his mother making it one early morning with old biscuits...
2017-07-09 04:59:44
an MP is allowed to 0
an MP is allowed to call other MPs apartheid spies (as the De Lille case confirmed), to allege that other MPs or members of the government are corrupt, that they lack a work ethic or are dio22nest.sh1;Not so, Pierre. The De Lille case did not decide that she was entitled to name purported ANC spies in the House. It went off on procedural grounds, both a quo and on appeal. And it is very well established that an MP may not call another one dishonest on the House floor. See Hansard. You will find many instances of the Speaker sanctioning imputations of dishonesty as contrary to Rule 63.
2017-07-09 04:57:06
WOW Rob & YOU 0
WOW Rob & YOU TRULY are an inAs&ration!inbsp;ps well&  How about hanging one where we'd see it the first thing when we get up and start the day with an uplifing word. Thanks Rob. Are there instructions someplace to make these so we can use them as give-a-ways for our businesses?  It does not seem right to use yours for business give-a-ways!
2017-07-09 04:39:21
&#;no08C2ngratulatio 0
&#;no08C2ngratulatio2s on your 25,000+ Hits.and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.This is some very nice cookie crumbs..Thanks for a chance to WIN.Dee
2017-07-09 04:39:11
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